I am, my friends, officially a cliché.

Yes, you heard me. I’m a writer with a blog. Oh. How. Original.

But let’s face it – these days, a blog is sometimes the best way to get people to listen to what you’re saying, and as a writer I am as ever a big-mouthed, opinionated…

… This isn’t making you like me much, is it?

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. I am K Hart. I’m an unpublished writer of genre and experimental fiction, I’m a fangirl of many, many things (seriously, don’t get me started), an avid reader (obviously), and I also have some pretty strong beliefs.

Come, share them with me as I desperately attempt to get advice from the experts, fangirl over the latest books in my favourite genres, and shamelessly advertise my own work all at the same time! Shall we?



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