A request for help, actually…

I have a project in the making.

This is nothing new. I have several. But this one may actually require other people’s involvement.

The clips I have been sending out so far have been from a novel I wrote around paranoia. As something that I identify quite strongly with for various reasons, I found it quite easy to write without help. Now, however, I want to move out. I want to write fiction about mental health in areas that I haven’t covered, and more importantly, I want to get it RIGHT. I’m not being specific right now. Sufferers are welcome, as are family, friends, everyone. If you have a story to tell, and you don’t mind me using parts or elements of your experience, PLEASE do talk to me. My facebook is here. Message me there, if you can. If you want to be anonymous and don’t feel facebook is enough, message me on here (is that possible? I think that’s possible…).


I’m not sure if this will work, how it will work, or if I will get anywhere. But I’d rather get the information, know that I’m not writing more destructive nonsense about mental health, and write well, than leave it unsaid.

And, if you’ll ignore my little joke…



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