It never ends…

Well, I’m half-dead, running around madly, and trying to get some writing in too. I thought, since it’s been a while and I’m nice like that (read: I feel bad, don’t hate me!), I’d post a full piece of writing for once. I did this quite a while ago now while I was bored for a small writing competition. It’s not my greatest work by any means, but I’m neither a short story writer nor (most of the time) a writer of that genre. It was just fun, a bit weird, and pretty apocalyptic. As usual, it turned out just a little political, too. It was fun to give it a go!

No Longer Needed

I’d been strapped to my bunk, I’d had electric shocks raging through my body, I’d heard voices all around me screaming, crying, and begging for release. I’d forgotten what the new version of fresh air tasted like: that harsh, chemical smog that filled my lungs and made me choke.

It was safe in the asylum, they told us. The epidemic wouldn’t reach us there. Who would bother to come after a bunch of gibbering lunatics?

Who would bother, indeed?

There was a man walking beside me. Gas mask, white coat, protective gloves. He hadn’t given me any of them. Nor had he given protection to the inmates behind me. We were left out in the open to face whatever it was that had ravaged the landscape, burned the buildings, decimated the bodies that lay strewn across our path like the worst flowers at a welcoming parade.

Government posters hung in strips from every building still standing, proclaiming loudly that THERE WAS NO EPIDEMIC. THERE WAS NO NEED TO PANIC. It was okay that around us were the dead and dying. Even more so that not a single car drove on the road anymore, that no one had cleaned the streets so that the litter was a wall in itself to replace the ones fallen down.

As we walked, animals skittered around our feet, plump and greasy from the overflowing garbage. Rats, insects, strange animals with long striped tails that I could never remember the name of. I let one of the rats hitch a ride on my shoe. The poor thing probably needed a rest.

We got to the town hall, eventually. None of us cared. They’d never helped us when we’d needed them, why should we stand in awe as they crumbled? Leave that to the public. The public…

The ones that weren’t dead.

If there were any, that was.

“What… what caused this?”

“The world. They went mad.”

I paused. The white coat beside me was looking to me, listening. How long had it been since someone did that?

“What do we do now?” I asked.

There was silence. Then, finally:

“We do what we always did. We find the next set of lunatics, and see what a mess they make of ruling.”


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