Tumblr, Writing, and the large absence I’ve had.

Well, as I said repeatedly before I left, I sort of abandoned my WordPress account for a while in favour of Tumblr. This was because of the thing I was working on. A novel, to be precise, about Dissociative Identity Disorder. A novel that is now finished and being sent around to agents.

Now, I’m working again on regular novels.

So, first of all… the novel I’ve finished.

William, Michelangelo, Darren, Rory, Sonny, Emma and Suzie. A self-confessed comic book geek, a flamboyant clothes designer, a reclusive bookworm, an angry and volatile young man, a moody teenage boy, and two young children. All individuals with their own dreams, ambitions, and lives. The difference? They share one body.

The novel is written in the format of a diary of seven people… the eighth, Poppy, having disappeared. What happens when Will meets a girl he is quickly falling in love with, but cannot even tell her he exists? What happens when memories of the trauma they endured interrupts their day to day lives? And, most importantly, what will they do without Poppy, their host and the person their lives once centered around?

Get to know the characters slowly as they open up about themselves and their lives, and make your own mind up. Are they real? Are they people? Or are they simply delusions? What is it really like to live day to day with a disorder that means you share a body and mind with other people?

I want people to think about these issues, to talk about them, and some of my future posts here may be related to Dissociative Identity Disorder and its complexities.

– K Hart


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