Angels, writing, and New Orleans voudou.

Well, have another update…

My current work in progress, Falling, is well on it’s way. I’m still going through the terrible task of sending out to literary agents for Alternate and being rejected…

But, as it will, my mind has latched on something new. I became, rather recently, fascinated by New Orleans and Haitian voudou. More specifically, with the Loa and the incredible tradition surrounding them.

As a writer, my first thought of course was ‘I need to write about this’. As a human being, my second was: ‘how do I do this and yet still retain the respect and reverence that the traditions deserve?’. So I am currently on a research-mad stint, where I am finding out anything and everything about the Loa. There is so little information out there that if any lovely folk wish to educate me further or direct me to information, I would be most grateful.

I’m also considering a trip to New Orleans. I can’t travel to Haiti. For one, it’s not in my budget. Secondly, I’m English and I’d melt in the weather… But since I have a planned trip to the US coming up, it would be great to be able to travel and do some talking to folk about the rich tradition. So advice on that also welcome!

Essentially, right now I know a decent amount… But I am still a tourist, an outsider. Yet I can’t be that if I wish to respect the tradition. I have to truly experience and know what I’m talking about.

Anyone out there?

– K Hart


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