In which K Hart appears to have died…

Machines beeping… a heart rate increased to just above the point of death. Slowly, an author begins to move her fingers at the keyboard again.

I’m back.

For many people, that will be an intense disappointment (oh god not her again, I hear you say). For some, with any luck, there will be a small moment where you sit up eagerly and scroll through this post.

Who am I kidding? For most, you won’t have even realised I was gone!

But I’m back, regardless. 52,000 words into a novel I’ve been writing and re-writing for the last year. Halfway deranged. Mostly awake. Words are actually coming out of my… uhh… fingers. I did good.


… I have Twitter.

I can’t work it. But I got it. Because hey, that’s just how I roll. So if any of you folks want to come out there and follow me on that thing, go do the thing! Also: GO OVER THERE AND RECOMMEND BOOKS TO ME.


No joke. Tell me about your books. Tell me about your sister’s novel, the book you read in high school that one time. Tell me about what you’re reading now. Shove me towards things that are awesome and make you happy. Especially if they have awesome characters and cool stuff in them. Or you know, even if they don’t. I won’t judge you… much.

If you’re coming at this from my Twitter – damn, you’re fast! Hey, I don’t know you, but come check this nonsense out!

The other thing is… my Facebook is coming back. So yeah, I did all of the internet things today. Look at me go! Confused technophobe is branching out! All systems are go!

So you know, you can go over there too. Or if you’re reading this from the link I’m about to put up on there… uhh… well done you for sticking with me for what? Six months of silence and sod all information? You rock.


So yeah. Look at me. I’m so cool I can actually internet now. Next step, FINISH THE DRATTED BOOK.

– K Hart


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