Dead blog, Kerouac, and getting behind

I find I quite enjoy this sort of vague, empty silence I have going on here, so I shall continue using it. This blog, now, for all its views and interest in the past, seemed to die out when I myself took time out. My Twitter, on the other hand, is slowly gaining support. I don’t know how the internet works – I don’t know if that’s a normal thing, if people are leaving WordPress behind for some new platform, or if it’s just me. But I quite like it. It feels more genuine. Writing for the sake of writing a record as opposed to writing for views or the interest of others.

I’m reading Kerouac right now. Re-reading is the correct term, really. The Town and the City. One of his older works, and not his best… but then, the worst of Kerouac reads like the best of many writers today. Each time I read, I am reminded of all of the day-to-day things we miss or pay little attention to because we’re too busy, or we’re not looking in the right direction. Kerouac looked everywhere, saw everything…

An incredible writer.

With my own writing, my Pacemaker plan tells me I am running far behind on my project, caught up in the other aspects of my life which, unfortunately, come first. But thanks to Kerouac, I’m not sure I’m so alarmed about this anymore. I’m focusing on what I need to do.

In the new year, I have plans. With any luck, I’ll also have the time to complete them. And maybe then I’ll be doing things that draw interest once more. For now, I think I like my silence.

– K Hart


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