The New Year is coming!


Good lord.

I’m not even sure where half of my time is going these days. It should be on working, and writing, but hey. I’ve done a lot of that, too.

I’ve got some pretty important New Year’s Targets. They’re not going to be Resolutions, because barely anyone keeps their New Year’s Resolutions.

First one is, I want Alternate finished. It’s finished now, to some extent, but I want it to be at a place where I feel like it’s done. Like I’m happy for it to be seen by people.

Second, I want to get something else written. One of the many backlog of stories that need finishing or editing in my large file.

Third, I want to let nothing stop me from writing, and writing well, this coming year.

And fourth, I want to start doing some book reviews up here. I read so much, but talk about each book so little. It’s about time I started.

Not sure if I can keep all of these, but hey. It’s worth a try, right?

-K Hart


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