Trick of the Light – Rob Thurman

So I said I’d start doing book reviews, and since I read this and loved it so much…

To be fair, I started off a touch biased. I read Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros series and loved it, particularly Robin Goodfellow. Also, I’m THAT PERSON. Give me ANYTHING based on mythology from any culture, and immediately you’ve got an ‘in’. Demons, angels, gods, mythical creatures, bring it on. That’s my thing.  Kevin Hearne is another of my favourite authors that do this.

So when I got this book and the sequel, ‘The Grimrose Path’ as a gift in the holidays, I knew I was getting somewhere.

Trixa, a Las Vegas bar owner with the typical badass attitude often reserved for male characters, is the sort of person you have to look up to. And laugh with, too. Watching women kick ass? You go, uhh… girl. In the least patronising way you can ever say that sense (hard, I know).

But for me, as ever, it was slightly more secondary characters I fell in love with. Zeke and Griffin. Zeke, quite frankly, was sort of oddly adorable. With very black and white thinking, he’s sometimes referred to as ‘psychopathic’, which as anyone who knows me will recognise, automatically put me on edge. Mental health wise, he was… not as much of a terrible charicature as I expected. Sure, some things were written oddly, but he was sweet and sympathetic despite that. And very quickly became one of my favourite characters. No joke. He’s on the list now…

Griffin… on the other hand. Bless his heart. I need him in my life. Gun-wielding, faint hints of a downright angelic bearing… Damn this guy. Life goals = Griffin.

So, again for anyone who knows me, all it takes to keep my interest is a character I love. Here, I loved almost all of them.

If I had to say anything against this book it was ‘again with the sexy demon dudes? Really?’, but this is borne from a long history of reading urban fantasy and also my own asexuality. Like, why do I care if the bad guy is attractive? But hey, I’m not going to crap on anyone’s potential fictional guy crushes.

So basically, thanks Rob Thurman. Entertaining, and definitely added to my bookshelves!

-K Hart


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