The Spirit Eater – Rachel Aaron Review

Another book read. Can you tell I need things to occupy me right now? – Ha!

Anyway, since I reviewed the second book of this series (although admittedly not the first!) I thought it was about time I reviewed this one too. I will note, however, that I can’t yet review the two remaining books in this series because for once, I haven’t read them! I have actually purchased them and they will be on their way to me shortly. In the meantime, I have no doubt I will wait on the edge of my seat.

Like the last, this is a re-read of mine. Right now I am reading my way right across my bookshelves piece by piece in my spare time, and it’s great fun. Picking up books and KNOWING that I already like them. Also, as anyone who knows me can attest, I have very large bookshelves, so this will last me quite a while.

The Spirit Eater takes us further into the depths of Eli’s world. But more than that, it starts to unravel the mysteries of Nico, and in the process seems to risk unravelling her. I love Nico, as a character. And seeing this real in-depth exploration of her, and why she’s there, what this means to her… all I can say is there is a bond between these characters that I think works wonders for the story.

We’re also introduced to the type of character that I always laughingly say is ‘my type’. A very elaborately dressed, morally-grey character. This, by the name of Sparrow. I pinpoint this character just because there is something about his characterisation (I will give no spoilers, you will have to read it for yourselves) that I think is absolute genius. Rachel Aaron, well done.

Along with Eli’s quips and the lighthearted stance these books often take to their storytelling, we begin to see a lot more of the true seriousness of this world. Demons, worlds falling apart, spirits, forces. It’s a quick read, and worth it.

So, again, fantasy fans… take a look. Rachel Aaron does a lot of fun things with her work, and personally I’m still looking forward to receiving the rest of this series. I’ve been waiting so so long, dammit. It’s time.

As a final edit, for anyone who is interested, at the time of writing this blog post I am 16,126 words into the novel I am currently working on, Alternate. This is beginning to feel like the last draft I will do, but I’ve said that before… Once I have done this, I will have to look for beta-readers. But for now, I am simply well on my way to completion.

-K Hart


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