The Demon’s Lexicon – Sarah Rees Brennan Review

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It took me a little time at first to remember why I kept this book. Or, indeed, the whole series. When I first started re-reading, it felt very much like a typical YA book. YA isn’t necessarily that familiar to me as far as I can recall – I read what was known as YA much later, but I’m discovering more and more of my book collection that would count as YA now, even if it didn’t then.

The Demon’s Lexicon is the first book in, if I remember correctly, a trilogy. It has the incredible bonus of being a YA that focuses on mostly a brotherly relationship rather than a romantic one, which sells it to me immediately. While romance is mentioned, it’s clearly not the focus of this book. Instead, the relationship between Alan and Nick takes forefront.

This story contains demons, magic, and a pretty interesting concept of magicianhood. While it gets off to an almost formulaic start for me, it quickly improves to the point where I am more than happy to announce it as part of my book collection. What concerns I had at the beginning about the odd brotherly relationship began to disappear as the story continued, and I found that once I had accepted this, I could fully appreciate a book full of snarky sarcasm and interesting characters.

I don’t want to mention too much for fear of spoilers, but there are some nicely-foreshadowed twists here, and it’s a pretty fun genre read for those who are looking for that. The only issue I did have was: ‘The Demon’s Lexicon’? I saw no lexicon. Give me lexicons, if it’s in the title, dammit!

I wouldn’t necessarily encourage that people see this book, and this relationship, as a blueprint for their own, but it’s certainly an entertaining read. Again, it’s been very quick, and I can definitely see how YA and books like this are growing as a genre among adults as well as their official target audience.

-K Hart


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