Seeing Redd – Frank Beddor Review

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Seeing Redd loses some of what The Looking Glass Wars had. The world is no longer new. We’re not presented with many of the ideas that we were, and the worldbuilding seems to lose a lot of momentum. There could have been so much more done with the world that Beddor created, and it feels like he’s just hung up his towel and gone ‘nope, done’.

However I’m very aware that I am a jaded, cynical adult talking about what is in effect a children’s book, and for imagination and adventure I can’t fault him. There were twists and turns that, while very obvious to an adult eye, would have delighted a younger me. And I still think that hat weapons are cool.

As I say, I would REALLY like to have seen more descriptions of how imagination links our worlds. Perhaps even the author doesn’t realise how beautiful an idea that is. How inspiration could be all related to the very world we think we’re creating.

I must admit though, I did get a small smile out of the idea that the wonderful Charles Dodgeson may someday find that his creations are… ahem… not at all creations anymore.

-K Hart


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