Arch Enemy – Frank Beddor Review

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Current Review:

This is the last book of this series that I own and have access to, though I seem to recall that there are others. I won’t be buying any of them, however. I loved the concept brought forward in The Looking Glass Wars. I loved that Charles Dodgeson is a character. I loved the brief trips into our world, and the imaginative way the story had been reconstructed…

But after that, it starts to get… old. I’m really sorry to say it, but it does. If I’d been writing it, I would have quit while I was ahead, because some of the beauty of the very first book just gets lost entirely. I don’t feel like it’s fun anymore, and I had to resist the temptation to skip paragraphs just to fast-forward through some of it.

I guess there are still new ideas. Particularly at the beginning I began to get my hopes up, but it quickly just lost momentum. I still like Hatter M and Molly though!

-K Hart


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