Talking about Wuthering Heights

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Well, today I was just reading Wuthering Heights. Now, despite having read it before, when I hear ‘Wuthering Heights’ I still think of Kate Bush. Because it’s just… I don’t know. We all have this famous image of the lonely Heathcliff looking all wild and rugged traipsing the moors. Heathcliff has almost become an archetypal male character now. This brooding hero with a heavy soul.

And I respect that. I can see the beauty of the character, the beauty of the story, even. It’s just not, I suppose, ‘my genre’. Though if that’s the case, I’m not exactly sure which genre I should claim as my own.

I won’t write much more, simply because when you’re talking about a classic novel, everything you can say has been said a thousand times. No one needs to read a review of mine to help them decide whether to read Wuthering Heights. You either will or you won’t. I just think sometimes it’s nice to pass comment regardless.

-K Hart


2 thoughts on “Talking about Wuthering Heights

  1. Heathcliff is such a typical Gothic protagonist but he’s also a really complex character. There are layers: he has passion for Cathy, an ardent desire for revenge towards Hindley, a love and respect for Nelly, a jealousy and resentment towards the Lintons and a weird father-son bond with Hareton. Quite a lot of feelings to manage at any one time!

    • He is! I think even though I’m not a huge Wuthering Heights fan it is SO easy to see how he became this ghost in our literature. You can actually pinpoint characters with traits of his, that would come under his sort of… wing, I suppose. Also, if I had that many feelings I think my head might explode. My limit is somewhere around ‘hungry and vaguely bemused’ ha!

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