Sellevision – Augusten Burroughs Review

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One of the things I really like about Sellevision isn’t really about the book at all. It’s Augusten Burroughs’ first book, and as far as I know his only work of fiction. But even with being fiction, it’s so much fun to spot the parts of his real life, the ones that turn up in later books.

It is my firm belief that even fiction writers pull on real life experiences, and Augusten Burroughs does that so clearly here. To my knowledge no intimate part of his anatomy has shown itself on national television (and if it has, I DO NOT want to know), but little things flash through. I can see how parts of his real life have been changed, edited to fit into this story.

Again, I have never really had the same adoration for this book. For one, explicit sexual scenes make me uncomfortable and there are a few here. For another, it just doesn’t speak to me quite so much. But in reading I found myself almost inventing a game… How many times does the author use something directly from their own life? And that game, I must admit, was fun to play.

-K Hart


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