You Better Not Cry – Augusten Burroughs Review

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I didn’t cry, but it was close. This is a collection of what are basically four little stories, all based around the author’s experience of Christmas. And my favourites were the last two. The one that broke my heart?

It was a story about Christmas with his ex. And it wasn’t that it was sad, though it was. It wasn’t that George had AIDs. It wasn’t that there was medication on the counter or any of those things. It was because of the way Augusten Burroughs talked about this man. This man that he loved. To the point where I almost felt I was falling in love with him too.

I don’t read this book often. Out of all of Burroughs’ books, I probably read this the least. But that one story just…

I feel like I care about this man, though I never have and never will meet him. And that’s what beautiful writing does. There was so much feeling, so much life in this that I don’t even have words for it. THAT’S what I love.

-K Hart


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