Dry – Augusten Burroughs Review

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Dry is the first book by Augusten Burroughs I ever read. For most it was Running With Scissors – for me it was this one. It’s how I discovered how much I loved the way he wrote.

All the way back in college, my individual project for a class was on addiction in literature. I’ve been a little odd, even since then. And addiction quickly became, in a sense, my specialist subject. So I gathered up books – Thomas De Quincey for a classical take, William Burroughs for the Beat Generation, and finally, Augusten Burroughs, who I’d never heard of before, to talk about modern era attitudes.

He was funny. He was dry, witty, dark in all the right places. I felt like of the three, Augusten Burroughs was the most simple, forthright attitude.

To this day I still like hearing stories like Augusten’s. Not because I want to stick around in that darkness, but because knowing those things, and being aware of them, can be so incredibly helpful. Addiction isn’t pretty. It’s never going to be a nice, happy little story. People do things, say things, live to regret what happened. People find themselves in what are honestly quite disgusting situations.

But recovery takes strength. Will always take strength. And it’s always worth trying, because people can show you that life can be a lot better without something that’s taking over it.

-K Hart


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