Storm Front – Jim Butcher Review

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Current Review:

There are a lot of books out there now with investigators that are somehow involved in the paranormal, but The Dresden Files is one that MOST book lovers have heard of. With sweet (although slightly old-fashioned) Harry Dresden, wizard with bad luck and even worse enemies, it’s a set up for fun.

Helping the police is not where you necessarily expect wizards to be, but Dresden’s connection on the police force, Murphy, is a lot more open-minded than most. She’s my favourite character in this series, with her grumpiness and generally immunity to smarm. She’s also pretty cool in general. Female, short, martial artist in the police force. Go Murphy. While Dresden is undoubtedly the hero (or at least anti-hero) in these tales, it’s Murphy that does a lot of the legwork. And she has a soft, caring side too. As Dresden says ‘she’s one of the good ones’.

Solving crimes, magical crimes. What more could you want? Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden Files series, and there are… well, a lot of them now. I have several myself, but not in any decent order. Ah the joy. But the simple fact is, the Dresden Files is classic urban fantasy, if there is such a thing. Detectives, murder, and a spirit who lives in a skull called Bob and pretty much spends his whole time trying to leer at women. Yeah, that.

-K Hart


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