Blood Rites – Jim Butcher Review

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Current Review:

Dresden Files… uhh… #6, I believe. Vampires. And sex. You know, immediately a combination that SHOULD put me off. As much as I like vampires, I’m not really into the whole sex thing and since Twilight happened and the following chaos of vampire fiction, I’ve been a little wary of anything that said it contained vampires.

Let alone sexy vampires, like this one.

So why didn’t I hate it? I think because of the way it was treated. No lovey dovey brooding and gorgeous vampires here. Just… you know, terrifying creatures that make people sexually addicted to them and have in-clan wars. You know, all of that. And very few actual descriptions of the sex stuff. Thank you SO MUCH for that, Jim Butcher. Really appreciated.

This book had a heck of a lot of twists and turns, and I always like hearing more about Dresden’s life, about the secrets kept. It feels like bit by bit, he’s being revealed. Also, Murphy on a motorbike? GIVE ME. Tiny women on cool bikes kicking serious supernatural ass? I am so up for that.

Also beginning with tiny fluffy dogs? I’m in. The only way you can make me happier than writing about tiny fluffy dogs is to actually, you know, GIVE me a tiny fluffy dog. And sadly no one is lining up to do that.

I skipped a book again, so at some point I am SERIOUSLY going to have to fill these gaps in. The perfectionist in me HATES all of this so much. But money is a thing, and books cost money. For now, I’ll have to put up with what I’ve got.

-K Hart


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