Summer Knight – Jim Butcher Review

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For me, Summer Knight (which is the Dresden Files #4 – I haven’t got #3 on my shelf, so sue me) is where Jim Butcher really begins to get into his stride. Faery Courts, werewolves, a well-established world. This is where these books begin to read less like mildly supernatural crime procedurals and more like the great urban fantasy that they are.

The plot becomes tighter, but still more interesting. The writing develops. These are why I still have these books. Because as time goes on, Jim Butcher seems to only get better and better.

Not to mention the fun of Faerie politics and the increasing number of smart-ass remarks. I’ve always been a sucker for characters with a smart mouth… maybe because I have to rein in my own smart mouth once in a while.

Also, no one can ignore that this ends with: Lord, what fools these mortals be. One of perhaps the most accurate phrases ever put to paper.

I rarely encourage people to start part way through a series. It feels wrong to me. I don’t even like having incomplete series’ (like this one, ironically) on my shelf. But for me this is definitely always a case of reading the first few books in order to get to the later ones. But I think even with that, it’s worth it.

-K Hart


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