Dead Beat – Jim Butcher Review

Progress on Alternate: Editing at 23%

Current Review:

Murphy is away and Dresden gets to play with necromancers.

At first I thought the premise for this was a little difficult. Blackmailing Murphy? It seemed like just another plot device, and irrelevant to everything else in the book. But I quickly managed to look past that.

This story contains, among other things, polka guy Butters, a dinosaur, and a bunch of Wardens. Not convinced? Also a lot of dead people.

It’s pretty cool. It’s not my favourite Dresden story, but I appreciate a lot of the death lore (I studied death once myself as part of an old course of mine) and I want a massive necromancer cloak. Just maybe no freaky as hell zombies.

I also disapporve of Murphy being in Hawaii – I mean, come on. Murphy is the best. All stories need more Murphy.

But did I mention the dinosaur?

My incoherent review of this book stands thus: I happily finished reading it at several hours past my self-appointed bedtime. Despite having insomnia that requires a steady sleep pattern. Bring it on, world. Who needs common sense when you have fiction?

-K Hart


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