Reading Steven Tyler’s Autobiography – Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?

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Well, this is sort of a review. I picked up this book a while back but only read it for the first time today. I love Aerosmith. I’m a huge sort of classic, glam rock fan. So I’m happy enough to sit and read autobiographies of anyone involved in that scene. And Steven Tyler in particular, I picked up this book a) because it was Aerosmith-related, b) because Steven Tyler did an incredible performance of ‘Amazing’ in rehab that I adored and c) because of the title.

I’ve got to admit, the title is great.

So, starting to read it was a bit of a weird experience. Everyone’s heard stories, knows bits of the band’s, and their infamous lead singer’s, story. And I’ll admit, especially at the beginning, some parts made me very uncomfortable. Personally, I don’t need to hear about your groupies or how many weird and not-so-wonderful sexual things you did. But then, my favourite band growing up was Motley Crue, so I’m sort of used to these things. Desensitised, you might say, despite my dislike of them.

It was nice to see, though, that several of the inspirations for Aerosmith’s songs were discussed, and things about the music. Too many autobiographies of bands read like a list of who they slept with these days. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never become a fan of a band based on their sexual prowess.

And for me, as always, I liked to hear about his recovery. Because you know, special interest and all of that. Recovery is important to me, and success stories just show the world that it can be done, especially when they’re stories in the public eye. It’s not impossible. Recovery exists, and it’s waiting. Without getting all preachy, I love things that remind me that you don’t have to be a mess to be creative. You don’t have to be addicted, you don’t have to be crazy. You can be healthy and still do great things.

-K Hart


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