The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man – Mark Hodder Review

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Burton and Swinburne #2. Read these books. Seriously. Everyone should. I’m so glad that Mark Hodder began to receive the recognition he deserved for these because I absolutely adore the way he twists Victorian England.

This particular book follows the Tichborne Affair, like Spring-Heeled Jack, an actual mystery that was present at the time, but twisted by steampunk imaginings into something far more odd and entertaining.

I love seeing the little parts of real history in there, and really appreciate the little ‘real England’ information at the end. This is really steampunk at its best, for me. Tiny cameos from familiar characters, the characters we do now being like themselves still but distinguished enough from their real counterparts that they can still surprise us and the story doesn’t feel decided already.

Seriously, I couldn’t sing this series’ praises enough. There are six books, and I actually haven’t even read the last three yet (something soon to be amended), but I think I’m in love.

He talks on his blog about being known as the ‘steampunk author’, and right now I’ll admit that’s what he is, but his skill in writing this series makes me inclined to read his next series, ESPECIALLY with the warnings that it’s going to be long. I like big books. If they’re good, that is.

-K Hart


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