Writing Tools: The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

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This isn’t a review, exactly, but it’s something I’m going to put in the book reviews section. I own a lot of encyclopedias (I always feel like the plural should be encyclopediae) of various things for use when I’m writing, and the Element Encyclopedia series has been pretty good to me. I’ve recently been reading through the ‘Secret Signs and Symbols’.

A lot of people who often write genre pull on real religious, magical, or spiritual traditions as well as history and folklore and so on… I find that having a good background in these things really helps when you’re trying to make a story flow. While this series, and in particular the book I just read, isn’t detailed, it’s a good thing to flick through to see what it is that you might have to look up, research, or simply consider in more detail.

I think every writer should have a collection of books on weird and wonderful real life things as well as fiction. I have books about various religions, magical practises, cults, biographies, historical figures I took an interest in, unsolved mysteries, weird facts… and so many of them are stories in themselves. I feel like I have a bookshelf full of inspiration.

-K Hart


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