The Return of the Discontinued Man – Mark Hodder Review

Progress on Alternate: FINISHED??? I… Help. I don’t know how to react to this.

Current Review:

Super short review today because tired writer actually feels sleepy for once.

Burton and Swinburne #5 moves back into the surreal. And I sort of love it but I don’t know why. I should, by all rights, loathe this. So complicated, bouncing around of plot… but I don’t. And I just… couldn’t if I tried.

I’m currently in a state of shock due to my own writing progress, but I do want to say, quickly, that I’m heading towards the end of the Burton and Swinburne series now and as much as I don’t want it to stop, because I want to read more and more of their adventures as characters… I think I’m glad. There’s only so much complex plot someone can realistically pull off, and Mark Hodder is pushing the boundary here. Still doing it, but by the skin of his teeth.

-K Hart


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