Small Favour – Jim Butcher Review

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The Dresden Files #10, I believe. This book reminded me why I think Dresden is the exact sort of hero I’d be. Oh God, angels. Why am I doing this again? Just completely done and fed up with all of these external agencies pushing him around, but doing it anyway because he’d feel bad if he didn’t. Yeah, that would be me.

It’s getting so deep by this point. The stakes have been upped. I can’t help but wonder, though, why whenever urban fantasy ups the stakes, the angels are called. It’s always Heaven vs. Hell. Surely the highest stakes could be something different? I don’t know… it’s less a criticism and more a consideration.

Having said that, these angels are fun. Angelic vessels? Fallen angels? Weird coins? Well, you know, maybe the last one doesn’t excite many people, but you know. I never said I was normal. And as I said last time I reviewed a Dresden Files book, I love how much Molly is maturing. She’s sort of adorable and I want to keep her.

Less of Bob in this one. Fewer sleazy comments. But hey, Bob never struck me as an unpleasant sleazy… just… weird. And Dresden has a smart enough mouth to get past it.

Ivy is… quite frankly, adorable. I feel oddly protective of this little child. For anyone reading this review who hasn’t read previous Dresden Files books with Ivy in them, just… she’s cute. Take it from me. I want to wrap her in a blanket and take her away from everything. And even though I really disliked Kincaid at first, I’m coming to like him a lot more. Murphy, as always, is a goddess. I don’t have the rest of the series on my shelf yet (I know, it’s awful), but soon I’ll be trying to review the rest, as and when I get hold of them.

-K Hart


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