The Spirit War – Rachel Aaron Review

Progress on Alternate: In the hands of beta-readers

Current Review:

I’ve finished reading the end of this book just seconds ago and the first thing I have to say is: DAMMIT ELI. I think he just made me feel some kind of weird emotion – a mix of mad and proud and confused and heaven knows what else. I always liked Eli in this series but dammit what the hell do you think you’re doing with my heart?

Josef and his role in this is sort of mildly hilarious. Finding out about his history makes me laugh because, basically, I have a very strong image of him, a little like someone else I used to know, entirely out of his comfort zone trying to act like the character he is supposed to be.

If I had any small criticism it is that Rachel Aaron seems to use ‘but this is a part of their real history and no one believes it’ a lot in these books, and I did read it thinking: here we go again. But that would be all.

I think the Shepherdess has beautiful characterisation, honestly. Even though I don’t like the character as a person I absolutely love her as a character. I think she’s perfect. As is the Empress. I’m intrigued. Spirit’s End is next, and since I finally splashed out and bought myself these books after mentioning wanting to finish the series not so long ago, I will finally see the end.

-K Hart


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