Spirit’s End – Rachel Aaron Review

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Current Review:

So, the final book. Now usually I don’t really muster much enthusiasm for the final book in a series. The problem is, the things I love about a story aren’t the big end battles or the huge stakes… it’s the tiny things. Character-building, little moments, things that touched my heart.

When I read the very start of this book, I was struck by a very weird uncomfortable feeling. It was so well-written, and Eli’s experience (no spoilers here!) was something that once in a while in my life I have felt too. And it is SO ACCURATE. And I’ve never seen it written down like that, in such a way, before.

And then everything moved on. Big things were happening. A storm was brewing. Literally as well as figuratively. And they have to find a way out of it. It’s not really a spoiler to say they do. That’s like saying ‘the story ends’. Yes, it ends in one way or another, but how we get there is the important part. Who we meet along the way.

I guess I just inadvertently made a metaphor for life in trying to review a genre novel. Oh well.

I think the main thing to be said with this novel is that the characters are incredible as always, and that I really want Eli and Nico on my side. Just saying. Josef would be handy in a fight, too. But Eli and Nico I want as friends.

-K Hart


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