Okay, we’re all thinking it… I’m clearly not made to pull that particular greeting off.

Try again.

Kaye Hart here. I create small animals out of pom poms, do a heck of a lot of puzzles, wear odd-looking clothes… oh, and I write too. That’s a pretty important thing.

After spending a rather socially awkward childhood of writing and reading pretty much non-stop, I decided to actually communicate with fellow writers and am now a member of the London T Party, a genre writers’ group that has been completely invaluable in helping me get to know the industry – not to mention great company and greater writing, too.


My weapon in this #PitchWar (other than the cutest kitty pictures) is Alternate, a contemporary YA novel about Dissociative Identity Disorder – for those not familiar, think multiple people in one body… only more complicated. I wanted to shed light on the condition for people who didn’t understand it while also offering people who actually have DID a REAL representation of their lives. No murdering alternate personalities here. Just chaos, laughter, and some serious emotions… with any luck one of those emotions is hope. I also had great fun writing it, so I hope it will be just as great fun to read.


Critique as a writer is really important to me. I want to hear what’s going wrong, where things don’t feel right, because, let’s face it, I’m sat here in my little writer bubble and I can create any world I want… including one where I don’t notice any problems that I’m writing into my work. I’d rather take a little blow to my ego now and get it right in future than be told everything is wonderful only to see the problems myself far later.

Support is really important too. We all get lost sometimes, and as stubborn as I am in my day-to-day life, I can’t afford to be like that when I write. It takes one person to write the first few drafts, sure, but one person can’t produce a book alone. Plus, sometimes I get caught up in writer-world and need a nice dose of reality.


I write to fill gaps I’ve seen. I write because the younger, bookworm me didn’t always find characters that matched her, or her friends. And I write because when I did find those characters it helped me to feel like being me was okay.


So, all soppiness and clichés aside… here are some facts about me that have sod all to do with any of this but that you might like to know:

  • I have a weird dress sense. I like pretty things, which means sometimes I turn out like a 70s glam rocker, sometimes 80s, sometimes I look like a dandy. There is, however, always a lot of glitter. I leave glitter everywhere I go (sorry about that, anyone who hosts me anywhere).


  • I have far too many hobbies. Cardmaking, knitting, sewing, puzzles, origami, piano playing, guitar playing, calling down fire breathing dragons on my enemies, bow staff/staff twirling, philosophy, religion… you name it.


  • I am interested in very adventurous things despite being an abominable coward: free running, trapeze, aerial circus arts like aerial silks (gosh they’re beautiful), fire poi and staff work, and somehow in amongst this I am an ex martial artist with a black belt.


  • My ‘special subject’, so to speak, is addiction. I’ve worked in recovery services as a volunteer for four years, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. You learn a lot. Things that only certain people in the world can teach you (and not just things that cause everyone to look at me like I’m insane, though those too).


  • I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour. I WILL find things funny just because it reminds me of something else. And I will always approve of snark in characters. The snarkier, the better. I myself am full of snark, despite being a tiny ball of glittery fluff that likes hiding in her writer cave.


Lastly, I leave you with this message:


-K Hart


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