I Am Not

((When I wrote this poem, I was thinking about some pretty difficult events. In my heart it’s sort of dedicated to some old friends of mine. I wasn’t going to post it anywhere, but at least for now I want to. I am no poet, so please don’t judge me on that.))


I am not

The person you say I am

The breaker of minds

And the twister of souls

I am not

The villain you take me for

The teller of tales

And the player of games

I am not

The enemy you face today

The poisoner of veins

And the shatterer of hearts

But I am not

Simply the absence of things

The gaps I leave alone

Or the space in my heart

I will not let myself

Be defined by the things

That are missing from me

Or by imaginary bullet holes

And I will not define you

By the accusations you made

Or the hurt I held

That made me sit here to write

Because you keep things in your hearts

Far more precious than that

And you deserve more

Than the things that you are not

-K Hart


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