Breaking Glass – Lisa Amowitz Review

Current Review:

I had to talk about this. I ended up purchasing a few of Lisa’s books because having spoken to her, she is wonderfully weird and that sounded like just the sort of writing I needed in my life. Breaking Glass was simply the first that arrived.

Cynical protagonist? Check. Dark subject matter? Check. Immediately we have a few very good reasons to read this. Even more so, give me some beautiful use of language (my favourite: ‘panicked glimpses of my waking nightmare crashing through the floodgates’) and more secrets than you can shake a stick at. I don’t want to give too much away, because I feel like people should really read this book as I did, with only a little idea of what to expect, but if you like your contemporary fiction served up with a side of ‘what the hell’, Lisa is your writer.

Jeremy is a young alcoholic with enough shame trapped in his chest to fuel a small power plant. When his car crashes and the girl he is in love with disappears, he is thrown into a web of unravelling secrets. Not limited to the messages he seems to be receiving from beyond the grave.

So, take a look, perhaps. Go on. It won’t hurt you.

-K Hart


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