White Night – Jim Butcher Review

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The first thing I think of when I’m writing about this book is a very dark part it contains. Now I tailor these reviews to make sure there are no spoilers, so I won’t talk about what it was except to say that it really hit a nerve with me.

This is Dresden Files #9. Vampires, more crime, apparent suicides… Lots of twists and turns. I also really like Molly, who has a hell of an attitude.

I need a dog like Mouse, too. Just a massive dog that’s peaceful and lovely. And you know, growls at evil people. That’s always good.

I found it really interesting how this book explored again a lot about the darker sides of Harry, and the way it addressed his own internal monologues, and so on… I don’t really have much to say other than that Jim Butcher managed to pull it out of his hat once again. Or you know, wherever he’s been pulling these books out of…

-K Hart


Dead Beat – Jim Butcher Review

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Murphy is away and Dresden gets to play with necromancers.

At first I thought the premise for this was a little difficult. Blackmailing Murphy? It seemed like just another plot device, and irrelevant to everything else in the book. But I quickly managed to look past that.

This story contains, among other things, polka guy Butters, a dinosaur, and a bunch of Wardens. Not convinced? Also a lot of dead people.

It’s pretty cool. It’s not my favourite Dresden story, but I appreciate a lot of the death lore (I studied death once myself as part of an old course of mine) and I want a massive necromancer cloak. Just maybe no freaky as hell zombies.

I also disapporve of Murphy being in Hawaii – I mean, come on. Murphy is the best. All stories need more Murphy.

But did I mention the dinosaur?

My incoherent review of this book stands thus: I happily finished reading it at several hours past my self-appointed bedtime. Despite having insomnia that requires a steady sleep pattern. Bring it on, world. Who needs common sense when you have fiction?

-K Hart

Fool Moon – Jim Butcher Review

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The Dresden Files #2: Harry Dresden and the War of the Werewolves.

There’s something similar about a lot of books in the Dresden Files series. They have this… key murder case, just like a detective novel, that has some sort of supernatural explanation. Then Dresden irritates everyone and chaos. That’s pretty much the formula. And it works. I think for me the thing about the series is that after a while it gets boring. I like detective things, but there’s only so much you can do.

With this, with the supernatural element, there’s a little more to play with. But still, reoccurring characters aside the premise of the Dresden Files is a bit like the premise of a detective show. In fact, it would probably make an excellent one.

I feel like in Fool Moon Jim Butcher hasn’t quite fallen into his stride yet. There’s something… missing. But it’s still a nice, quick read for someone that wants a little magic, crime and adventure thrown into their days.

-K Hart